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If you are passionate about creative writing, then an online magazine is the best platform for writers to provide you a medium to stand out right away, and reach your audiences.

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The reading of all good writings is like conversation with the finest (people) of the earth and reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.

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Online magazine provides facility to listen to writings in six different languages which makes the reader more engaged and motivated. Also it can be used by those whos are not able to read themselves.

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Maintaining a Positive Outlook During a Pandemic

MAINTAINING A POSITIVE OUTLOOK DURING A PANDEMIC Pandemics can be depressing for many, particularly those who have contracted the disease or lost their loved ones. During the concurrent Covid-19 pandemic itself, rates of depression have skyrocketed to an estimated twenty-five percent which is almost seven times the pre-pandemic figures (Notivol et al. 2020). While measuring how depression is caused has been a long study among the medical academia, one definite...Read More






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Online Magazine is the best platform for the writers to submit their contributions and also for the readers for a great reading choice. This portal and its unique hybrid mobile applications have been created just to bring the best out of an immature writer, help them to become professional writers. It also helps the professional writers to give them highest recognition in the world and make them known to the world as publish writer. Readers will have the highest entertainment by these world hidden talents, explored by us.

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What is needed for Online Magazine writer ?

Writing is an art and a craft that needs to be developed through continuous practice and study over a long period of time. World’s greatest writers have been the ones who mastered this art and that is why their names have been passed down to us through time. You have to develop the writing as a habit to cater to needs of the readers for any sort of writing.

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Benefits of Online Writing

The greatest advantage of online writing is freedom and flexibility as writers can work anywhere, anytime, and in any area as long as one has internet and working gadgets like a laptop, phone, or tablet. Based on various skills the writer has, he or she can instantly start writing Online magazine facilitates the exchange of ideas by creating a platform where many people exchange information on various fields like engineering, medical fields etc.

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“The Online Magazine content creates awareness of what is happening in the world. The Online  Magazine is a source of motivation.It provides learnings and understandings of what makes people successful ”

Fajar Siddiq

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