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Online Magazine is the world’s best platform for the Writers and Readers. It has been created by Lam Aid.
This exclusive and unique mobile application has been created just to bring the best out of an immature writer, help them to become Professional Writer, help the Professional writer as well to give them highest recognition in the world and make them known to the world as Publish writer.

Readers will have the highest entertainment by these world hidden talents, explored by us. If you want to explore yourself or someone you know, who has the talents in writing or creating – Drama, Romance, Travel, Cookbooks, Children’s, History, Comics, Ideas, Famous Dialogue, Action & Adventure, Anthologies, Science Fiction, Poetry, Art, Diaries, Series, Biographies, Fantasy – Please share this app to them (friends, family and relatives) and help us to create and un explored writers. Our Professional team will help to become a Professional Writer. Please keep sending your writings and creations. The App is free and very easy to use.

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Who can Contribute?

You can be a Reporter, Journalist, Police officer, Army, Navy, Air Force officer, Government Officer, Corporate or Private Officer, Lawyer, Secret Agent, Judge, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Artist, Performer, Player, Fire Fighter, NGO Worker, Politician, Kid, Student, Teenager, House Wife or a General Public – You must have your own story, memorable moments around you. Please share these stories with the world.

Write a story in your own language and send it to us, our app will convert it in world’s most popular languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, English and many more. Whole world can read your stories and also listen to them in many languages.

Your effort and talent will not be wasted, and your writing will get rewarded once
it is chosen by the publishers and has been published as book or
it is selected by the medias suchas Television, Magazine, News Paper, Film etc for their use and production.

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Easy To Read & Write

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” The writing pretty much takes care of itself, considering it’s required to pay the bills. But it’s finding time to read a lot that proves more difficult.”



Easy To share

Once you’ve perfected your magazine story, it’s only one click to Share parts of your online magazine. Besides sharing your cover page, you can also share individual pages on social media. People will be directed to specific pages, and then they can scroll to other pages. Social posts including an appealing visual element perform better than text-only posts.

Online Magazine

Explore your world your own way.

Become Worldwide Recognizable with your thoughts, stories, articles and poems.


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Participate in Write up contests on Miracle, Tragedy, Memorable Moments, Heartfelt Story, Confession, Travel, History, Cooking, Health & Beauty Tips, Secret, Suspense, Mystery, Drama and Romance


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