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  I was driving to Arlington, excited that I’m going to change my life from now on. I will be on my own, without my parents or any familiar faces telling me who should I … Continue reading "The talking mirror"

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The ‘Precious Jewel of the Eternal Show’, the ‘heavenly abode of Lord Shiva’, a ‘group of facts’, the ‘sacred mountain’- these are some of the names given to the highly majestic and religious MOUNT KAILASH that is … Continue reading "MOUNT KAILASH THE MYSTERY REMAINS UNSOLVED."

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Isla De Las Mulecas (island of Dolls) is the creepiest tourist destination in Xochimilco, Mexico dedicated to the soul of a young girl who passed away at a tender age. The place, which is actually a floating … Continue reading "Island dolls of Mexico."

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As she grows up she never thought life was going to hit hard on her. Charity is the first born, an elder sister to her younger brother and little sister. A family of three was … Continue reading "Poverty has no mercy"

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